Bubblews is Banned From Google Adsense

Bubblews, Banned, Google Adsense

Bubblews is Banned From Google Adsense. Hey, another bad news from Bubblews. Bubblews banned by Google Adsense. Yes, that is true. Bubblews lost their Adsense account. I am not sure what are the causes of this tragedy. But, indeed it will hurt Bubblews performance. Not only Bubblews, but also for the writers there.

As we know that few days back there is no Ads from Google displayed on Bubblews. Some people are assuming that Bubblews only doing some Ads rotation or Ads testing. The staff also said they are trying to get back Google Ads displayed. I am curious and using a tool to check the status of Bubblews' Adsense.

I am surprised to find the test result. The result stated that Bubblews' Adsense is Banned. Here is the screenshot of the result:

Bubblews, Banned, Google Adsense

I was using a website called isbanned.com to check their account. Wow! Another problem for Bubblews and Bubblers. After reducing the revenue sharing rates, they lost Adsense account now. How will Bubblews pay their writers now? I am sure Bubblews will try to find another Ads companies to earn some money.

Well, let's see what solution will be used by Bubblews for this huge problem. Have a good day guys! ^_^
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