Procedure Text with Cooking Academy 2

Cooking Academy 2

A.     Background

Now days, people interests in learning English continuously increase. It is great news but also becomes a challenge for the teachers. The teachers should be more creative in teaching English because when they are not creative, it could affect the people interests in learning English. In other word, Creative is a must.

When we see the fact, the way of teaching used by most of English teachers is monotone and sometimes makes the students feel bored. The teacher rarely use or integrate the technology in their teaching-learning activity. The result is some students will lose their interest to learn English.

This problem should be solved. How? The teachers should start to integrate the technology in their teaching-learning activity. One of the ways is using game in the class. I bet 90% of students like to play video game. There is one example for a game that can be used in learning English, especially in procedure text material. The game is “Cooking Academy 2”. 

B.     Description

Cooking Academy 2 is a game about cooking process and cooking competition. This game is made for PC/Laptop. This game is great in helping student to learn English especially in procedure text.  The student could learn the procedure in cooking some foods from another country. All you need is to install this game in your PC then play it.

After you install the game, open it and then you will see this screen.

Then, click on the “Start Game” button and select the first level on this game. After that, you will see the list of food you should make. For the first level, the foods are Chinese food.

After that, select the first food which is “Crab Rangoon”, the you will see the screen below.

The screen above shows the first procedure in cooking “Crab Rangoon”. Then, click on cook and you will see the screen below.

The screen above is the application of the first procedure that showed at the previous screen. We need to click at the knife and dice the garlic. There is also a time limit at the right top corner. We should complete dice the garlic before the times over.

After we completed the first procedure, there will be the next procedures that should be completed until the cooking is finish. When all of the procedures are completed, the screen below will be appeared.

The screen above shows the food which we made by following the procedures which provided before. We can move to the next food which listed at the food list.

From the explanation above, it shows that when we play the Cooking Academy, we are not just playing cooking game, but we also learn the procedure in making one kind of food. When we integrate this game in our class especially in learning procedure text, it could help the students in understanding the materials “Procedure Text”.

C.     The Strengths 

There are some advantages in using this game:
  1. It is a free game. So, the teacher and students will be able to get this game without purchasing or buying this game.
  2. The size is not too large. It is only around 90 MB and could run in any type of Windows (XP, Vista, 7 & 8).
  3. It is an offline game, so we do not need internet connection when playing this game.
  4. There are more than 60 levels so the students will never feel bored.
D.     The Weakness

The weaknesses of this game are:
  1. The recipes on the game are not familiar for Indonesian students
  2. The contents are limited to learn about cooking verbs only. 

E.     Process in Class

Before using this game at the class, make sure that the teacher already completed all the levels so the student will be able to access whole levels in this game.
  1. Pre- activity

> Make sure that teacher’s laptop already connected to the projector.
> Ask the students “what they know about procedure?”
> Ask the students “do they like cooking?” 

2.  Main

    # Activity 1

> Explain about procedure text.
> Explain the common words used in procedure text.
> Explain about the game “Cooking Academy” and show how to play it.
> Divide students into some group and every leader have to play the game

# Activity 2

> Explain what the student will do in class for the next activity.
> Divide the students into 4 groups and give a different food theme to every group. E.g. Chinese food for group one, Italian food for second group, and so on.
> Every group chooses 3 foods from their theme then using the game to explain the procedure to other group.  
> Other group writes the recipe played by other group in procedure text form
            > Collect the procedure texts which have written by every group.

3. Post

          The teacher gives enforcement about procedure text. 

F.     Conclusion and recommendation 
  1. Conclusion

Cooking academy 2 is a fun and useful game to help student in learning and understand English especially procedure text. This game is also helpful for the teachers who always use monotone method in teaching English. It will make the class become fun and increase the students’ interest in learning procedure text.

2. Recommendation

I highly recommended this game for English teachers who want to give material about procedure text. If you want to download this game, just follow this link:

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