Pewdiepie Get Kidnapped When Livestream!

pewdiepie gets kidnapped

Pewdiepie got kidnapped when livestream! Today, something weird happened in Youtube community. Why? Because the most subscribed Youtuber "Pewdiepie" has been kidnapped while doing his live stream. Everyone got confused by this. Everyone are checking Pewdiepie Twitter account to confirm this. Some people said this is just a prank and fake, but some of them believe that it's true.

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One thing that makes this weird, that the video of him got kidnapped is uploaded on his channel and got a custom thumbnail. This is the video of Pewdiepie got kidnapped:

Let's see what happen next. Is this just a drama and prank, or this is real. For extra infor, he just hit 45 million subscribers today. So, it could be a drama to celebrate the milestone. What do you think about this?
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