Bot Auto Win, Auto Eat, Auto Split, & Run [100% WORKS]

If you are looking for an Bot for Auto Win, Auto Eat, Auto Split, & Run from the bigger cells, then here you go. This bot will work on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It will make your cell eat the nearest food automatically, and will detect the bigger cells that coming closer to you. When the bot detected the bigger cell, it will automatically goes away and will not be eaten. Bot Auto Win, Auto Eat, Auto Split, & Run

So, what will you need to run this bot? Here is the tools you need.
  1. Download "Tempermonkey Extension" for your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. After you found it, instal it on your browser.
  2. Go to this link, " Bots Collection", wait few seconds and clik "Continue".
  3. Choose your browser, and then download or follow the instruction there.
If you still confuse, here is a video to guide you. Just follow the steps, and you will unbeaten.

Note: If you want to change your cell's name, just press "Esc" and change the name. Enjoy!!

This bot is 100% working.

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